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Additional notes for Windows Vista and Windows 7

Please note:
The following details are no longer relevant for the current versions of the TAP programs (TAP 2.3.1, TAP-M 1.3.1 and KiTAP 1.5.1). Because of certian changes starting a start with administrative rights is not necessary.

If a TAP program is meant to be used under Windows Vista/7 within an administrative account it is necessary to perform a "Run as administrator".
The reason for that is the so called user account control feature introduced with Windows Vista, which presents an additional confirmation dialog for every action which needs administrative privileges.
To add the administrative account to the TAP doesn't help unfortunately, because the additional rights aren't respected in that case - in contrast to a normal user account with limited rights. 
Running a TAP program with administrative rights can be done via the desktop shortcut performing a right click:

Screenshot for Run as administrator (1/4)

To make the setting permanent first choose "Properties" from the former context menu:

Screenshot for Run as administrator (2/4)

In the following dialog on the tab "Shortcut" choose "Advanced":

Screenshot for Run as administrator (3/4)

In the additionally opening dialog activate the option "Run as administrator" and finally close all dialogs with "OK":

Screenshot for Run as administrator (4/4)


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