About us

Psytest is developing software for neuropsychological attention diagnostics since the early 1990s. In 1992 the first version of the Test of Attentional Performance (TAP) was released. In 2005 the KiTAP and the TAP-M followed. Since the beginnings of the TAP until today, all three test batteries have met with a broad response both in clinical practice and in research, in the developmental psychological context as well as in fitness to drive diagnostics and in occupational and industrial medicine, documented by the large number of scientific publications in which the test batteries play a role, that have appeared until now.

In addition to the further development of our software and the continuous expansion of the norm data, the support of our customers using our software is very important to us. We offer help with technical questions, if necessary also via remote maintenance software. We give support with the interpretation of results and the planning and implementation of scientific studies. Our publication database is helpful for research and writing scientific papers.

Our Team