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Distractibility - TAP-M

One important basic attentional function is the ability to maintain attentional focus, extract relevant information and suppress potentially distracting stimulation. Especially the ability to prevent distracting information from triggering one's eye movements towards the distracting stimulus can be conceived as essential in car driving, since the main attentional focus in the centre of the visual field should not be triggered by and switched to irrelevant and frequent peripheral stimuli.

This task was developed to measure the ability to maintain a central attentional focus to selectively react to a critical stimulus when distracting visual information is presented. The spatial location as well as the time of presentation of the distractor is unpredictive. The task is explicitly to ignore the distractors and to focus on the centrally presented faces.

Screenshot of the subtest "Distractibility" of TAP-M

Instruction screen of the subtest "Distractibility" of TAP-M (to get a larger view (1024*768) - opening in a new browser window - please click on the image)

Execution time: 6 minutes