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Installation Instructions

Instructions for a fresh installation of the TAP programs

The following installation instructions apply to all three TAP programs (TAP, KITAP, TAP-M) as the key steps are identical.


The included USB dongle and the USB serial adapter are not needed during the installation and should be connected to the computer when the installation is complete.

Installation procedure

A larger view of all screenshots is available by a left click.

After inserting the installation CD the setup program normally starts automatically.
If it doesn't most likely the autostart function has been disabled. In this case please start the setup in the root directory of the CD (e.g. "setup_tap2.3_41799.exe") with a double click.

After the language selection the welcome screen appears:

Screenshot of the weclcome screen of the TAP installation


Screenshot of the information screen of the TAP installation

Here you are informed about the need of a parallel port interface for connecting the reaction keys. If your computer isn't equipped with such an interface it's advisable to cancel the installation at this point and find out about the upgrade possibilities on our website in the FAQ section.
If you intend to use the TAP for analyzing purposes only you may ignore the note, because the program can be started without a parallel port.


Screenshot for defining the destination folder during TAP installation

Here the installation folder for the TAP program files is defined. In most cases the default setting can be kept.


Screenshot of the component selection during TAP installation Komponentenauswahl der TAP-Installation

In the following the default component selection should be kept in any case while performing a fresh installation.


Screenshot for defining the startmenu folder during TAP installation

Afterwards the name of the start menu folder is defined. The suggested name can normally be kept, too.


Screenshot of additional information for the TAP installation

In the next dialog the name of the program shortcuts is defined. Here the standard setting "For all users" should be kept; additionally a shortcut in the quick launch bar can be added. However this option isn't available with Windows 7.


Screenshot of the summary dialog of the TAP installation

Finally a summary of the selected options is presented right before the actual start of the installation.


Screeshot of the installation progress

After extracting and copying the program files...


Screeshot of the progress of the driver installation

...the driver for the USB dongle is installed, which can last several minutes.


Screeshot of the progress of the driver installation

...the driver for the USB dongle is installed, which can last several minutes.


Screenshot of creating the TAP group during the TAP installationEinrichtung der TAP-Gruppe bei der TAP-Installation

...the TAP group is created. This is imported in order to give user accounts with limited rights the possibility to conduct test runs with real time priority. Already existing local accounts are shown in the dialog for adding them to the group. If user accounts of a Windows domain are meant to be used they will have to be added manually after finishing the installation (you'll find a separate manual in the download section of our website).
In any case the dialog should be confirmed with "OK" - even if no accounts appear in the list - in order to create the TAP group locally.


Screenshot of closing information at the end of the TAP insllation

Finally hints for a correct setting of the screen resolution are given, which should be followed especially when using a widescreen monitor to avoid a distorted presentation of the subtests (which are designed to have an aspect ratio of 4:3).


Screenshot of the finish of the TAP installation

A final reboot is required to complete the installation.