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Visual Scanning- TAP-M

The exploration of the visual environment is one of the most basic abilities subserving the safe movement in space, the search for an object, when regarding an object or picture, or in monitoring and controlling a traffic situation. It is a complex process for which the intention and prior knowledge of the individual, the ability to plan ahead, an unrestricted visual field, the ability to shift visual attentional focus, and unimpaired eye movements are important. Equally diverse are the causes of a deficit in exploring the environment after brain damage, which in many cases presents an obvious handicap in daily life.

In this task, a matrix-like arrangement of 5 x 5 stimuli is used, the aim being to detect whether this arrangement includes a critical stimulus or not. One reaction key is used for the answer "present" and another for the answer "not present".

Screenshot of the subtest "Visual Scanning" of TAP-M

Instruction screen of the subtest "Visual Scanning" of TAP-M (to get a larger view (1024*768) - opening in a new browser window - please click on the image)

Execution time: 5 minutes and greater