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The prices (€) are without taxes, postage and packaging

Product Licence Price € (net plus postage)
TAP 2.3.1 First licence 1000
Additional licence 650
Update TAP 2.x (Parallel) to TAP 2.3.1 (USB)* 215
Update TAP 2.3 to TAP 2.3.1* 145
TAP-M 1.3.1 First licence 1000
Additional licence 650
Update TAP-M 1.x (Parallel) to TAP-M 1.3.1 (USB)* 415
Update TAP-M 1.3 to TAP-M 1.3.1* 145
KiTAP 1.5.1 First licence 900
Additional licence 600
Update KiTAP 1.x (Parallel) to KiTAP 1.5.1 (USB)* 215
Update KiTAP 1.5 to KiTAP 1.5.1* 145

* In case of an order please state the serial number of the licence to be upgraded

Please note: The additional licence condition only applies if a first licence is already present within the same section of your institution. TAPand TAP-M belong to the same product line. If you already own a first licence for one of the products you will get the other one at the additional licence condition.
This does not apply to the KITAP - to get an additional licence a first licence of the KiTAP has to be present.

Additional note: If you own a DOS version (1.02, 1.5, 1.6, 1.7 or TAP-K) you will get the current version at the price of the additional license.

The use of the programs (both the main program and the subtests) is not restricted regarding time or number of program starts.

Please also note the more detailed information on the separate page regarding the system requirements.

Included in delivery - Full-/Additional Licence:
  • CD-ROM
  • Manual
  • Reaction keys + Adapter
  • USB device for copy protection
Included in delivery - Update:
  • CD-ROM
  • Manual
  • Adapter and reaction keys if necessary