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Vera Fimm
Psychologische Testsysteme
Kaiserstraße 100
D - 52134 Herzogenrath
Tel.: 0049 / (0)2407 / 502312-50
Fax: 0049 / (0)2407 / 502312-19

Do you have questions, suggestions or problems?
Then contact us by phone: 0049-(0)2407-502312-50.
...or write an E-Mail (

Alternatively you may use the contact form down below.

Important note:

Since we also aren't left unaffected by a rising amount of spam an appropriate filter software is in use.
Due to the fact that no software works perfectly, sometimes even customer mails are filtered by mistake.
Although we are screening the filtered messages at regular intervals an e-mail might just got lost.
Therefore our request to you: If you don't get a delivery or reply respectively within a week (orders) or some days (with questions for prices, technical problems, etc.) please make contact with us again - preferably via phone/fax or the contact form below.



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